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From: Terri Pryer (
Date: Fri Aug 20 1999 - 03:10:42 EDT

Well here in Lubbock Texas the drivers are not the greatest but at least
some of them pay attention. The biggest problem and also the one that
causes the most wrecks around here is people who floor it at a yellow light
and end up running the red one. Some people at least have a bit of courtesy
around here except for the ones who on occasion, think it is funny to come
to a complete stop on the onramp of the loop.
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Date: Thursday, August 19, 1999 4:27 AM
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>- --- Bob King <> wrote:
>> I live in NJ, But originally from Detriot (my dad is
>> from Windsor; Erie
>> St.& Ouellette (sp)Ave). The worst drivers I have
>> ever encounted in the
>> midwest were from OHIO (farmers). Here the absolute
>> worst drivers are from
>> Massachusetts. The Mass. drivers should have "keep
>> back 500 ft" painted on
>> the backs of their cars like they have on fire
>> trucks. Totaly
>> unpredictable, their "blind spot" extends a full
>> 360 degrees.
>Gotta agree with you there. Being a former Mass driver I can attest to
>They just don't pay attention, change lanes without looking, speed up to
>keep you from merging from ramps, and they always seem to
>hang out in the high speed lane doing 50. They are just plain

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