Re: RE: R/Ts

From: Gary Shook (
Date: Fri Aug 20 1999 - 13:48:47 EDT

Maybe he gets special treatment being an employee, but I have never found a
way to get one!
I love my truck, but I miss the 5-speed I had in my last one! If you could
ask him how such a beast could be ordered, I would really appreciate it!

>I have a buddy with one! He works in the milling dept at DC and he
>ordered his that way about 4 years ago!
>Gary Shook wrote:
>> Show me how to order a 1500 with a 5.9L and a 5-speed, and I'll think
>> trading my truck in tomorrow!
>> >Gary,
>> > Correction, you can only ORDER them that way! Sometimes you just have
>> >to take it upon yourself to do things right!! =0)
>> >Eric
>> >
>> >Gary Shook wrote:
>> >>
>> >> You can only get the 5.9L and 5-speed in a 2500 or 3500 series Ram...
>> >> 1500 uses the same NV3500 transmission that the Dakota uses, but the
>> >> 2500/3500 uses the NV4500... it's a steel case rather than aluminum,
>> is
>> >> built to handle the torque of the Cummins Diesel- 460 Lbs/Ft, If I
>> recall..
>> >> The NV4500 is considered among Jeepers to be the ultimate
>> >>
>> >> >What about the 5 speed they have mated to the 360 in the Ram?

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