Re: Shaker Hood: clarification

From: Richard A Pyburn (
Date: Wed Aug 25 1999 - 09:47:08 EDT

Seemed high to me until I read the post in reply to using the stock hood
and cutting a hole in it to accept the air scoop (without looking
Trottmann-esque). I suppose with the cost of that "alien spaceship-
looking" air scoop, the hood gaskets and the cutting and then the extra
bracing that Terry spoke about, it might be a fair retail price. I'm
surprised about the comments that the stock hood "fluttered around." I
realize the hole removes some of the structural rigidity, but that stock
hood is pretty stout ( at least on Gen's I & II).

One is getting more than a hood here and right now it has no competition
so both factors plus the additional labor will increase the price.

Richard in SA

On Tue, 24 Aug 1999 22:29:58 -0400 KURTZ ERIC <> writes:
>Is 750 a little steep? Im just asking since I have no idea what
>aftermarket body parts run, it just seems pricey to me.
>Phil Jenkins wrote:
>> I spoke to Terry Delong at the Mopar Nats. He told me
>> the hood was 750.00 unpainted. I asked him if he would
>> sell just the intake thinking I'd use my stock hood
>> and cut a hole in it. His reply was that he tried
>> using the stock hood and it fluttered in the breeze.
>> He tried bracing it and that didn't work either. So
>> there went my idea of getting the scoop at a swap meet
>> and fabbing up the rest of it.
>> --- Frank Johnson <> wrote:
>> > I have been following this discussion and even put
>> > in my opinion that the
>> > unit should be bigger. My opinion had no bearing on
>> > the performance aspect
>> > but only on the aesthetics (sp?) of the unit on the
>> > hood of the Dak.
>> > And someone mentioned painting a black outline on
>> > the hood surrounding the
>> > opening giving the appearance of being larger. That
>> > sounds like it would
>> > work.
>> > Ok, done rambling,
>> >
>> > Frank WJ
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