Re: ASP alt pulley Help please

From: Sam Parthemer (
Date: Wed Aug 25 1999 - 16:12:05 EDT

You need an impact tool for the nut, take the alt. off and go to your
local Pep Boys (or other auto service center), and have them spin off
the old pulley, and spin on the new pulley. Most places should do it
for no charge... Then buy your belt from them (95K something).

Sam '99 RT w/ASP pulleys

--- wrote:
> OK I went to instal my pulley and I cant get the nut
> off. First of all It is
> the 7/8 Th. nut and not that real small one correct?
> Second, the belt just
> moves and not the nut. How can I stop from actually
> turning the alternator
> and just turn the pulley? What is the trick?
> Josh

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