dead daks locations

Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 14:27:00 EDT

Hey Eric K.
so you know where there are 10 Daks in local detroit junk yards??? Would
that be a secret or are you willing to devulge their location.
I am looking for some parts as well.
I've got a 99 SLT+ 4x4 318,
i'm looking for a stock air box ( got a new idea),
a set of stock fog lights (should have order from the fac.),
a trip computer, just because the wiring is there.
a piece of the lower dash and some sun visors
I know you are going for all the good stuff off the engine/trans.... cool
I just was some of the trim.
Any way you might depart with the locations???
99 SLT+ 4x4 318, 3.92 Em Grn

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