R/T Towing Issue in Ont.

From: Bob Tom (tigers@bserv.com)
Date: Sat Aug 28 1999 - 19:34:31 EDT

The towing issue with the R/T's finally got some press attention
in Ontario. In today's front page of the Business section of
the Toronto Star, the headline reads "It tows heavy load -
of embarrassment".

D-C confirmed yesterday that the '98-'99 R/Ts can only tow about
2000 pounds - less than 1/3 the 6200 pounds of towing power the
company claims in glossy brochures and operating manuals.

The error has triggered a furor among some owners here, who charge
D-C with misrepresenting a key selling point. Furthermore, they
say American buyers are getting better offers from the company
to reole their complaints.

D-C Canada concedes the company made an error, but insists it has
recieved only a few complaints and the issue has caused little impact.
The Windsor-based company says it has notified all 600 owners in
Canda about the capacity reduction and made offers to resolve any
complaints. The company has proposed a $300 payment to owners to
cover buyers' costs of the original towing package (hitch and wiring).
The company is working with owners on other solutions but would not
disclose details on possible buybacks or vehicle replacements.

A government financial analyst in Halifax said the idea of accepting
$300 for the loss of more than 5000 pounds of towing capacity is
ridiculous. He was offered nothing because he did not buy the
towing package. A Markham owner complained and D-C offered to refund
him the cost of his Dakota if he paid 10 cents for every kilometre of
use. The company advised him the offer was open for 3 days. Subsequently,
D-C abruptly improved its offer to him this week after Dakota owners
filed their lawsuit in CA. He accepted their offer but also had to
agree sign a non-disclosure agreement. Both owners said they never
received notification from the auto maker about the towing capacity
Burlington, Ontario

'97 CC Sport, 5.2L, 3.55, auto., 4x2, flame red

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