Re: -------->lowering opinions

Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 23:21:00 EST

advantage of blocks: CHEAP
disadvantage: screws ride quality, just kills load capacity, (I have 2"
blocks on the truck, and everytime I put more than 200 pounds in the back, it
rode on the bump stops) it bends the leafspring kinda weird and I wouldn't
do it. Shackles and hangers would be the way to go..

PS. de-arched leaf springs tend to be $$$....

<< Mike or anybody, What are the disadvantages of blocks?? I want to drop my
 dak about 2" or 3" in the rear only, just to level it out. I was planning to
 use blocks, should I be using shackles/hangers, or should I use the new
 de-arched springs??
 Thanks! >>

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