Re: GenII 4WD Aftermarket Rims

From: Kyle Kozubal (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 00:21:28 EDT

> Where or who sells/makes some good , yet cheap, 15x7 rims for my 93 Dakota
> 4WD? I currently have an American Racing 15x7 Rim mounted on the spare
> which the dealer put on my Dak when I bought it; it didnt have a spare at
> the time of purchase and this was the only way I told them I would buy the
> truck. So they got me a new in the box American Racing rim. I do like the
> rim, and would possibly like to start searching around for some to match
> My stock rims are good and all, but the noisy ass loose black center caps
> are driving me nuts. Also, what size are the stock lugs/lugnuts, 1/2x????
> It is either buy some new rims, or go the cheaper route and run my Dak
> without the black caps, but get some good acorn style lugnuts, to help
> prevent corrosion and the lugnuts from seizing up.

American Racing's website lists "Thread Size" as being 1/2 x 20 for my Dak.
Is this indeed correct? Does it also mean the stud is 1/2 inch
thick?.......but what does the 20 mean? Thanks again,
93 Dakota 4x4 V6

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