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From: Wisotzkey, Rich (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 10:13:00 EDT

Hi Jon,
It's the MPI (M1) intake. I used the new improved gasket set and only
applied RTV on the Guide pins and corners where the heads meet the block. I
should have know better. I was hoping to just slide a pair of 2x2's or
something similar between the intake and valve covers to do the change. (If
I can wiggle the intake out from under the accessory bracket that is.) The
gaskets on now are only around 2-3 months old, and might have 10hrs run-time
on them. $30 for another new set of bolts & gaskets; oh-boy! The Dak has
been sitting in the garage getting paint touch-ups.

I also need to replace the front main oil seal again. I can never seem to
put these things on right. Just replaced it when I did the intake and it
has an ever-so-small dribble. Guess I need to buy some type of tool to
install the seal straight in line with the crank instead of just tapping
them in with a board. My harmonic balancer is not very smooth where it
contacts the seal either. Maybe that is my problem, any ideas?

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You and me both Rich, I've replaced that gasket 4 times now and still have a
leak back there. Although I think mine may be attributable to a leaky oil
pressure sending unit or a bad Distributor Oring. Did you install the MPI
or is this with your stock intake manifold?
    Jon Smith--Raleigh, NC

> Ok, somebody please make my day. Tell me there is a way to replace the
> intake gaskets without removing the A/C and accessory bracket. My rear
> intake seal looks like the Niagara "Oil" Fall.
> Rich - Ashburn, VA

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