Funny spank story.

Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 02:22:06 EDT


it was about 12:45 a.m. sunday "morning" and I'm taking my friend home after
going to watch Gone in 60 seconds, and we're just on the highway coasting and
I kinda get stuck and the left lane's all clogged up with those average
kansas city drivers too busy on their cell phones. Anyways. I decide to pass
up on the right side and this I know my lane is an "exit only" lane and this
miata just decides he can take me so he floors it and I hear his engine rev
up with my windows down and I just said "you gotta be kidding" and my
passenger looks over and she and says "he's messing with you" so with the
flip of the O/D button, I accelerated past him, showed him the friendly
birdie and just left him.

After realizing that was barreling about 100 mph down the highway in a 65, I
slow down, but here comes speed ricer again and he pulls up right next to me
and I get pissed and I started to attempt yelling at the guy, but his girl is
so embarrassed, they didn't even look. he tries for it a second time and
guns it at about 70, but this time I'm ready and I just jolted the gas and
off we were again. I'm going down the right and he's attempting to catch up
on the left, but then again, look down the speedo says 115, so I let off and
the guy just slowly caught up to me. about 5 miles later down the road,
after cooling off, I was coasting 70 and he slowed down to about 65 and we
got to pass him, so I just turned the dome light on and sat there showing him
the bird for his inappropriate behavior again.

Moral of the story? I don't know, but it was hella funny watching the guy
get all mad trying to slam all through all his gears trying to keep up. AND
to boot, I had a passenger this time that actually laughed at the guy's
attempt before I did! It was (as the discover commercial goes) "priceless"


PS don't be nad if a guy is trying to pass you on the right. be pissed at
yourself for NOT being in that lane. I'm sick of people driving 20 miles
below the speedlimit, that's why I'm here, to even the numbers out!

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