Re: Pulling codes (Gen III)

From: Nate & Brenda Johnson (
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 13:50:02 EDT

Easy... If it's '99 or older cycle the key from off to on 3 times (don't
start) the third time you turn to on it should display a code. then just
cycle off-on again to get the next code. I believe that's how it's done
(never done it just remember the question's been asked before). If it's a
00 you hold the trip button in the instrument cluster while you turn the
ignition on and keep holding until the cluster starts going nuts. (the
guages go through a self test then the codes pop up.) Here's your list of
codes -- .
Good luck!
Nate, Ogden UT
Forest Green 00 Dakota CC 4X4, 5-speed, LSD, 3.92 Rear, 4.7L/287ci, Po'boy
cold air w/ K&N, Extang BlackMax Tonneau

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> do you pull the codes on a GenIII and does anyone have a
> Please cc me in off the list if you can.
> Gene & Renee Rivers
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