why must they keep trying?!

From: mike d. (miggitymike@juno.com)
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 02:05:26 EDT

so it was time for my "Drive the premag because the Rabbit sucks" night,
so I hop in the premag and off I go..

well, sure as anything I'm just cruisin' along minding my own business
when a Honda Civic rolls up next to me. Well... I shouldn't really say
rolls up, cuz' we were movin' along at about 50. Anyway, he comes up on
me pretty quick, but makes it a point to stay right at my passenger side
window.. hhmmmm... So we catch a red light and he shouts "Hey man, nice
Rejection sticker.. peice of sh*t" so I say "Hey bitch, nice wing. You
kick feild goals through that thing?"
So he says "man, you ain't got nothin'!" and I said "sh*t.. that pos
can't get out of it's own way!"
I guess that meant the race was on =)

so, I load up the converter... I'm actually expecting to have to really
work to beat this guy, cuz' the premag didn't feel all that healthy when
I left the house. GREEN! GO! screeeeee!! I leave some rubber, but am not
losing any ground to this ricer. I'm actually pulling away! So the next
light comes up.. we only got to about 45. The next straight was longer...
long enough to really let this bastard have it. I look over at him right
before the light changes... he's not happy... he's determined....
GREEN!! Off I go! He's on it this time, I had to play some catch-up. I
leap across the intersection, making up lost ground and hit second hard.
I'm shifting on the column for this one. I pull through second and hit
3rd. I can hear him .. where is he? Check the mirrors... oh... there he
is, about 4 car lengths back... hmm.. so I get out of it at the top of
3rd (70-ish) and he goes flying by waving the middle finger. Guess he can
go home and brag to his buddies about how he talked sh*t and got whooped
by a truck with a rejection sticker!

-mike d.

----> Clubless in Yorktown, Va.
PROJECT 13's!! --->slammed 88 Dakota, 360 swap in progress!!


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