RE: hotchkis rear leaf

From: Eng, Kenneth (
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 14:56:37 EDT

Regarding your second question do you have the rear sway bar installed?


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>Subject: DML: hotchkis rear leaf
>I'm sure someone can enlighten me here... i have a few questions about
>hotchkis rear leaf suspensions.
>First of all, mine squeaks like crazy even on little bumps.
>When i got my
>truck new the leafs did that for thousands of miles, then the
>noise went
>away... i installed my hotchkis and still about 10k miles
>later, it still
>squeaks like that. I'll prolly call hotchkis today, but since
>i'm on the
>subject, maybe someone has a suggestion to rid myself of the
>squeak? I can't
>really tell if it's the middle of the leaf or the bushings on the ends.
>Secondly, i noticed that with no tread on my stock tires there
>was a nice
>controllable drift when cornering under power... now with the
>firehawks, it
>doesn't slide, it sticks. If i really push it though it HOPS.
>The back end
>tries to roll and loses it and hops sideways. I know it's
>because of the
>horizontal grip i now have--duh--but it seems like a problem to me
>4.7 4x2

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