Bug screen e-mail

From: MALDBNSF@aol.com
Date: Sun Oct 01 2000 - 02:22:48 EDT

I got this e-mail about a bug screen for the dak. I think he's a little late for my sale. The link at the bottom of the e-mail dose not even work.

Don Mallett

P.S. I been busy the last week or so. I been keeping up on the DML e-mail but just to busy to reply as much as I would like.

"Congratulations on your Dakota truck, Itís a beautiful truck but lacks one thing.
 A Bug screen for the front grill. I too had that same problem I looked everywhere for one. I tried on the
 Net and at Dodge, but no one had what I needed. So I made and designed one for my Dakota and itís
 Now I donít have those nasty bug guts all over my paint or on my radiator. Now you too can have one for
 your Dakota, Itís made of durable nylon mesh and has an elastic draw sting. Itís washable and easy to
 put on and remove. It only costís $19.95 and that includes delivery by Priority Mail with an on line
 tracking system. If you too would like to be the only one in your area with this beautiful bug screen on
 youíre your Dakota, just E-mail me your request and send a Check or money order of $19.95 to:
 Kevin La Page
 P.O. Box 1701
 Ocean Springs, MS. 39566
 Check out our web site with pictures of the bug screen on a Dakota.

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