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Date: Sun Oct 01 2000 - 04:42:41 EDT

>>On another note, Mark P. - had a blast, your truck needs it's AC fixed
> though, alright????????
Hahahah add it to the list man, there is alot of stuff I need to do but
don't have the cash for.
>>>No commenting on
> my driving, though, mmmkay? =)
Fair enough, but I still beat your times by a good 5 tenths. hehe
>>>And I didn't break anything - Amazing!!
ehem...windshield wipers???
>>>Oh ya -
> you've got the racing bug now - haha, there goes all your money!!!! ;-)
Yeah don't I know it...Thank you Brian...hehe
    Seriously tho guys I had a great time down there (even though satruday
night sucked b/c I was so burned) I wanna say a big thanks to Gene and all
for putting on a great show and everyone else there I met even though it was
mostly a handshake and a hello I had an awesome time. I can't wait to go
back next year.
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> I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring here. First of all that is me on
> Bernd's vid. Just commenting on being so close to running 15s. There was
> no bad blood between anyone that was there. Secondly, why can no one get
> video of that "damn dually". He ran 12.9s again this year, only at 108,
> which is about 4 mph better than last year, so I see this guy running
> 12.4-12.5 in good air. That's quick for 6000lbs..... Yes, the weather
> sucked ass!! Geez it was horrible!
> Oh ya, if anyone(not including Gene - since you help run it, you're a
> ringer!) registers for the event higher next year than I did this
> year(number 3!! - I'm the man=) ), I will buy you a case of whatever
> you want! Bring it on.......
> On another note, Mark P. - had a blast, your truck needs it's AC fixed
> though, alright???????? Being in a truck for a total of 24 hrs of driving
> time usually sucks ass. But this time was not. Had fun! No commenting
> my driving, though, mmmkay? =)
> Mark - Had fun man! You definately drive your truck better than I do.
> WTF? At least I was consistant! It was fun dumping the clutch at 3 grand
> at the line. Very sweet! And I didn't break anything - Amazing!! Of
> course I'm sure Bernd, Gene, and Mike can share my breakage and driving
> ability stories with list members. Don't be too harsh guys!! Oh ya -
> you've got the racing bug now - haha, there goes all your money!!!! ;-)
> Gene - You guys threw a great event this year! Looking forward to the
> one! Your truck is fast, as always, and thanks for letting us use the
> R/T's bed for a trunk... And I will actually have my own vehicle next
> year. Yay! Maybe I WON'T break anything(doubt it!). Oh ya, beer may be
> beer, but I'm not so sure I woulda drank that funky Mexican beer you had
> Sunday... =)
> Bernd - Dammit man!! Your truck is sweet. Of course you can't possibly
> done modding it yet. I saw you drool over the 8-71 blown Dart, and I
> expect to see at least a 4-71 roots(remember those????) on your truck next
> year. =) Had fun talking to ya. I think I pronounced your name
> wrong..oops!! The announcer commented on it, btw...."Can't anything about
> your name be easy?" heh.. Oh ya, can I drive your truck? I promise not
> to break YOUR 8.25 rear.....really! hehe...
> Richard - Actually just asked you about shift kits - some conversation,
> Nice meeting you, though. Sweet truck!! How the hell do you keep that
> thing so clean? Sheesh!
> Mike - You are one of the causes of my money problems! I swear, now I
> want an MPI setup. Sigh, I will always be poor! @#$%&*#!!! Good job on
> the videos. Had fun talking to you too. Thanks for the tips on the MPI
> piece, too.
> The Merx's - Sweet R/T. Liked the yellow one you guys had last year.
> 12.5s? Pretty smooth!
> I think I talked to Will for a sec, too. Your truck is smooth!! Pretty
> much what I would order if I was getting a new one.
> To everyone else. You guys are all cool! All the others that I can
> remeber are all the R/Ts(tons!!), Brett's truck and the dude with the
> carbed 318 that looked bad ass. Look forward to racing my truck next
> Sadly, this is the edited down version, I had a lot more to say, but it
> was already pretty long!! If I missed anyone, sorry!! Had fun, be there
> next year with my Dak - in the 14s hopefully.

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