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Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 18:07:44 EST

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 You have to make sure it is TDC for the number one cyl... thats why you need
 do the markings on the distrib. If you are going to pull the timing chain
 sprockets - I would set TDC for number one. I'm sure why you were
 to set it at TDC for number 4. But basically yes - you are turning the
 crankshaft untill the line mark is at zero (with the rotor tip pointing at
 one piston mark)

Prolly the reason he was told a different number cylinder is
cuz some motors like the chubby louse block is that if you
set the motor too #1 the timing marks are diametrically
opposed which makes it very difficut to be assured
they are inline. When you put on a chubby louse block
chain as instructed the line on the cam is at 6 Oclock
and the line on the crank is at 12 Oclock. Very easy
for a chivie monkey to get them close. In actuality,
with the lines like this you have to set the dist
for the 4 cylinder. It has caused a quite a
lot of chivie monkeys to wonder why the
thing won't start. "Why duh dork, it's 180 out."
You hear that alot in chivy circles.
 Wes Weems wrote:
> so basically find it on the crank, and then turn the engine over so many
> degrees?
 Tom >>

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