Re: Vacuum Help Please

From: Tim Berry (
Date: Sun Jun 03 2001 - 01:23:33 EDT

Rich, I have a Small cam (210/220 .512/.512 114CL) and I only pull 14-12" in
mine at idle... I feel your pain about the occasional stalling due to low
vacume... Damn speed density systems.... Someone make a good MAF
conversion kit for us.. :-)

Tim Berry

> Bill,
> If the TB is opened up a bit, vacuum runs up to around 20-25in. When I
> release the throttle to let the rpm drops back to idle, the vacuum drops
> down to around 5-8in., then slowly chokes itself down to around 5in., and
> then the engine stalls. It will sit and idle at a smooth 600-650rpm
> from the choppiness of the cam), and holds just about a dead on 11.25in.
> vacuum, and doesn't deviate more than .25in.
> I did reuse the old TB gasket, but it was only on for around 2Kmi. and it
> looked ok. Guess I'll try cutting a new TB gasket and see if that helps.
> Any other ideas would be appreciated too.
> Rich

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