Re: 3.9 Engine blocks ?

From: Terrible Tom (
Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 23:15:45 EST

RayB wrote:
> Greg's correct, it's been done with V8's since about '93. For many years
> Mopar Performance said it couldn't be done but you have to realize they want
> to sell new stuff to us. All that was needed to install magnum heads on
> old LA blocks was AMC lifters and the proper push rods. To finish it off,
> you use the M1 4-bbl intake manifold made for the Magnum Crate motor.
> Nice power gains over any of the factory pre-mag heads.
> RayB
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>>From: greg conner
>>Heads are a direct bolt on. But since mag heads oil through the
>>and premags dont, you need to swap in a different set of lifters and

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - - the plot thickens

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