More fun with Gen 2 NV3500 trans.

From: David Henry (
Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 23:01:42 EST

Here's the update on the Dak. 3 Transmissions 1 original, sitting outside
the vehicle, replacement 1 returned, replacment 2 partly installed.

1st trans ordered was somehow for a 4x2. This one didn't even make it out
of the shipping box as it didn't even look close. Trans #2 came and looked
close enough to fool the casual observer. It bolts up to the engine fine,
but the tail housing is an inch too long, and the mounting bolts on the
crossmember don't line up. Tag on the replacement indicates that the core
is from a '98.

Anyone know what year trans is going to be compatable with my 94 v8 4x4?
After looking at, I seem to only see 94-96 (and there's only 1
96 listed). If I do a search on a 98, I see 97-2000 or so. I'm guessing
that means that they messed with something when the re-designed everything

On a related note (or a sign of utter futility) I found out that only 243
Dakota's were made with my drivetrain combo in 94, so It should be fun to
try and find another tranny that will really fit. I'd re-use my case as a
core, but it has a cracked and re-welded mount on it (been that way for
nearly half it's life). I'm also even less sure I should send off what may
be one of the only transmissions that really will bolt in to my Dak as it

A less related note, only 116 Dakota's were made in 94 with the same blue
paint I have. This includes all drivetrain configurations. Guess this
explains why I've never had trouble finding my Dak in a parking lot, or
mistaken it for someone else's :)

I'm blaming this whole transmission thing on the Pit from the summer BBQ.
(hopefully nobody will remember that I didn't drive into the pit)

94 CC Sport 4x4, 318, 5spd, Lifted with 33" BFG MT's

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