uh oh squeaky

From: Phillip Batson (pbatson68@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Apr 01 2004 - 19:54:11 EST

Alright, heres a good one:

I went to pick up lunch to day, and while in line at
the drive thru, I noticed that as I moved forward
slowly I could hear a squeak. It is not constant, it
is cyclic.

I checked tonight when I got home, driving back and
forth, and it sounds like it is coming from under the
rear end, almost in the middle. It only makes the
noise when I'm moving forward, not in reverse.

I checked for any obvious obstructions, but didn't see

Any ideas? Could it be the drive shaft or rear end? I
don't think I'll drive it until I find out. Don't need
something to blow up when I'm doin 70 down the

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