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Date: Fri Apr 02 2004 - 05:52:05 EST

Hey, Phil!

<snip> In the drive shaft? Is that dangerous?<snip>

If it fails completely - at any speed - yes!
If it's just starting, you're probably safe for a little while.
The DAKSY was squeaking for about a month before I figgered out
where the noise was coming from. My "chirp-chirp-chirp" in the rear came
when she was under acceleration.
Park your DAK. Shut the engine off - with the parking brake on, & shift it
into neutral. Crawl under neath
& grab the drive shaft - near the U-joint - see if you can move the shaft.
Up, down, back & forth. If ya can,
it's the U-joint.
Replace the fronts & back at the same time...Cost for greasable U-joints is
about $12 at NAPA.
You'll need a big c-clamp & probably some kind of arbor press to do it
A nice big work bench is handt, too, cuz ya gotta take the driveshaft OUT.
Took me about 2 hours to remove & install...
Oh, & if you trash the rear compnion yoke, LIKE I DID, it's about $134 at
the stealer.

Bob Smith (DAKSY2K on AIM)
(Been there...)
Averill Park, NY
2K DAK SY CC Sport + V6 4X4 5 Speed

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