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Date: Mon Apr 05 2004 - 13:29:57 EDT

Hello everyone,
Been a while since I hit up the DML since I
unsubscribed. The e-mails were getting hard to keep
up with but I am signed back up with the DML now since
I have more time on my hands. The reason I am sending
out this e-mail is stated in the title. Amanda and I
currently have two dogs in our lives. Since we are
both in college money is tight, but our two girls
(they are our children) never go without. I have
eaten mac-and cheese for a week just to be sure they
got rawhide bones, pig ears and such to chow down on.
Faith is an 8 month (soon to be 9 month on the 11th)
old American Staffordshire Terrier. She is an
adorable little girl with a huge heart and a strong
will that keeps her going no matter what. Faith has
been diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia. For those who
don't know, hip dysplasia is a malformation of the
hips that will cause arthritis and severe pain if left
untreated. Faith will be in need of surgery to
prevent pain in the future and to allow her to regain
full use of her rear legs. She is currently on
rimadyl and has responded wonderfully to the
medication. Faith has been outside romping around
with Hope, our two year old mix breed, for the past
week since she started rimadyl. We have not seen this
for over a month since she started having problems.
The surgery needed to correct Faith's problem is
called a "triple pelvic osteotomy" (I hope that is
spelled right). The procedure is has a very high
success rate (in the mid 90's) and works miracles for
dogs with hip dysplasia. However, this surgery is
also expensive. Estimates of between $2200 and $2400
have been placed before us. Since we are in college
we can not afford to spend this kind of money. But we
can not stand to see our little girl suffer. We
originally considered Euthanasia, but after seeing
Faith come back to us once she was placed on Rimadyl
we could not even consider that any more. One look
into her eyes and we could see that she wasn't ready
to give up yet. This is a young girl with alot to
live for and even more to give in return. I wondered
for many days and spent a few nights awake before an
idea came upon me that would allow us to afford the
surgery for Faith. I registered a domain name and
started putting her story up on the web. I have not
completed the site and it will change every day till I
decide it is done (which will be never). Faith's
story can be found at www.savefaith2004.com. I
decided to put her story up and some pictures so
people could read about and see this young girl. It
was this website that also brought about the idea of a
Save Faith Surgery Fund where people can donate to her
Surgery Fund so that we may afford her surgery.
Please take a moment to look at her site and if you
feel moved please donate to her surgery fund as well.
Please let as many people know about her site as you
can. I intend to keep everyone updated on her
recovery with pictures and details as they occur. I
will start a journal the day I take her in for her
surgery and will update it at least once daily with a
new daily pic of her everyday. Thank you for reading
this e-mail. It turned out a little longer than I
expected, but like I said, our two girls are our kids
and we love them just as much as we would any child we
brought into this world. I can't bear the thought of
having to put Faith down. Not when I look into her
eyes and see that bright bouncy spirit of hers just
wanting to push ahead. She has been an inspiration to
our lives and I know she will always be an inspiration
to many more.
William and Amanda Hall
Saving our puppy Faith - our mission in life

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