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Judging from the skirtboard trim, this is a mobile home or a
prefabricated one.
The perimeter frame has to be strong enough to support the structure
while it's been transported.
The truck may have been airborne and on a descending arc when it hit the
wall and the front end cleared the house perimeter frame. When the rear
axle caught the steel at the bottom of the wall, the truck stopped.
Otherwise it would have exited the other side and been a real drive
through. Since the "J" hooks and chain bridle are in place, extrication
is eminent.

I *really* want to know what he was pulling on so hard that his nose
was up in the air to get onto the floor of that house instead of nosing
through the floor until he hit a frame rail. and where's the damage
from the right front?
and how the hell is the floor strong enough that it moved the axle that
far back without damage?

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