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From: DAKSY (
Date: Fri Apr 09 2004 - 12:56:18 EDT

Hey, Tony C/Josh!

Thanx! Once I removed the assembly from the vise, I found out why I couldn't
get the nut to turn...It's part of the FAN...Not the PULLEY! The damn fan
spun right
off with the nut! I couldn't see that I had it broken free, cuz the fan
blade was hitting
the vise! DOH!
Course the situation immediately went sour when I realized that I had the
I called the Parts Mgr & as soon as I ID'd myself, he told me he knew as
soon as I'd left
the shop that he's muffed it...Oh well...60 miles later it's going in... in
about 10 mins...
I should probably wait for the belly pan gasket to get here, but I need my

Bob Smith (DAKSY2K on AIM)
Averill Park, NY
2K DAK SY CC Sport + V6 4X4 5 Speed

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