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Date: Tue Apr 13 2004 - 12:33:01 EDT

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> Hey Adam! I think the road goes all the way up to Inuvik now, you can go a
> little further to Tuk and see the Beaufort Sea.
> Jim Knox, 91 Dak 318LA factory

Ah yes, good ole Tuktoyuktuk. Don't forget to visit the university there...
lol. What's the population up to there now? 300??? bwahahahahaha. Last
time I was there I bought a sweatshirt that said: University of Tuktoyuktuk:
"Tuk U" :-) I wonder if Watson Lake is still alive and kicking in the
Yukon? And to answer Barry's question about the RCMP or police of some
kind. Good luck finding one. Watson Lake was so bad when my Dad and I
drove through it, my dad locked me in the truck and told me: Don't open the
door for any reason what so ever, no matter what happens. At that time, you
could probably get away with murder there. Even the RCMP entered with
caution. Nothing like seeing the sign on the bar door: "Check your knives
here before entering". I'm sure the northwest has changed a lot by now,
I've heard the Alaska Highway is fully paved now. All I can say is "WOW".

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