From: DAKSY (
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 21:19:38 EDT

Hey, DML!
One week after the water pump replacement project, we seem to have another
issue. The DAKSY has a major screech upon start-up...I'm not fast enuff to
start her up & run to the front to see if anything is obvious...but it
sounds to me like the power steering pump is trying to tell me
somethin...I'll check the PS fluid level in the AM...It CAN"T be the serp
belt (can it?)'s brand spankin new & I know it's installed correctly...
Any thoughts on the issue?

Bob Smith (DAKSY2K on AIM)
(Now what?)
Averill Park, NY
2K DAK SY CC Sport + V6 4X4 5 Speed

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