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From: Gary Hedlin (
Date: Sat Apr 17 2004 - 02:26:21 EDT

I know they tried it in a Durango, but the cab noise was way too much to
make it feasible. And yes there's always the sidewinder, which I think
broke the 300mph barrier, but they had to do a lot of cutting to get it in.

I think it would be great, but I doubt it will happen because there's
probably not enough demand to justify production. Plus I doubt DC would
want yet another item hacking into their precious Ram sales.


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> I spoke with Cummins in regards to it.. and the 3.9L 4ISB is available with
> the Torqueflite bell pattern as well as patterns for GM and Ford trannies.
> The motor is/ was used in many bread trucks and step vans through the 80's
> and 90's, and I've found them retrofitted into many types of vehicles
> including a Suburban.
> There is an industrial version, but it's a lower power output, and most of
> those are non turbo as well.
> Aaron Wyse
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>> I looked into the Cummins IB4 a few months back. Word is this engine is
>> extremely rough on drive lines to the point that nearly anything it is
>> attached to has either a fluid or rubber coupler between the engine and
>> transmission. It's built for ag use, but unfortunately not suitable for
>> automotive use.
>> John
>>> It would be much cooler to have the Cummins IB4 just to have the Cummins
>>> badging on the side of the Dak. :)

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