Re: DML:Diesel in a Dakota

From: Bill (
Date: Sat Apr 17 2004 - 09:02:19 EDT

Saw this thread a year or so ago. Some one had posted a link to a DC dealer
ship in South America, I think Brazil, where the Dakota came stock with a
diesal engine. I may be wrong on this. But if it can be done in a another
market the parts should be in DC's inventory to do this on our own. Correct
me if I'm wrong. Did a quick search 2nd paragraph:

Brazil Dodge home page

""John Neff"" <> wrote in message
> I looked into the Cummins IB4 a few months back. Word is this engine is
> extremely rough on drive lines to the point that nearly anything it is
> attached to has either a fluid or rubber coupler between the engine and
> transmission. It's built for ag use, but unfortunately not suitable for
> automotive use.
> John
> >It would be much cooler to have the Cummins IB4 just to have the Cummins
> >badging on the side of the Dak. :)

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