Re: DML:Diesel in a Dakota

From: Michael Maskalans (
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 09:32:25 EDT

On Apr 18, 2004, at 23:41, andy levy wrote:

> | I get 12 around town and 15.5 on the highway, with 2/3 the horsepower
> | and a quarter the torque, and they'll pull 17-20 any day of the week.
> | sigh =)
> You gotta get all those transfer cases out of your bed. I never saw
> mileage that bad w/ my '99. And the '03 is even better.

I've always had poor-ish milage, but right now I'm sure 3.55 gears and
32" tires are the killer.

The topper is a bitch for aerodynamics and I've got probably 250# of
tools and parts in the bed (plus spray-in liner and topper weight) too,
though, so it's tough to say. The transfer case is only about 40# of
it though =)

Once I have a place big enough to hold all my stuff at once (read: not
a dorm room) this summer and I can get that crap outta the bed it
wouldn't surprise me if I see an improvement. I still haven't adjusted
my TV cable either, and lower shift points would bring that 12 up.
lazy is expensive sometimes ;-)

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