RE: Gen 3 Air hat space?

From: John Neff (
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 21:24:43 EDT

>Was thinking with the M1, TB, and the K&N airhat (for some reason). Be
>safe - go 3" max.

I measured the hood clearance with the "crush clay" method. With the M1 2bbl
intake and one of the very old F&B stage 1 polished stock TB's. there is a
solid 4.25" clearance WITH the hood pad in place. The air hat I'm looking at
is 4" tall which leaves me with just enough room for a thin nut IF I make a
cut out in the hood pad. I know, I know, the engine moves a bit when it's
running. If I see any signs of rubbing, I'll CAREFULLY dimple the inner hood
shell for more clearance

I'm going to go ahead and order the air hat. I'll post more, including the
source, once it arrives and I have had a chance to fit it. I'd post the
source now, but I really don't want anyone to rush out and buy one if it's
not going to fit.

>(or...just put the bolt through the hood and use a large bumber washer
>and nut. That way, the hood is locked down for high-speed passes!) ;)

High-speed passes with my truck? Come on, you know how this thing is
outfitted :)

BTW, the stock air hat with the retaining nut in place is 3.5" tall.

More later,

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