Re: RE: Gen 3 Air hat space?

From: andy levy (
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 21:29:58 EDT

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On 4/19/2004 9:26 PM, John Neff wrote:

|>Was thinking with the M1, TB, and the K&N airhat (for some reason). Be
|>safe - go 3" max.
| I measured the hood clearance with the "crush clay" method. With the
M1 2bbl
| intake and one of the very old F&B stage 1 polished stock TB's. there is a
| solid 4.25" clearance WITH the hood pad in place. The air hat I'm
looking at
| is 4" tall which leaves me with just enough room for a thin nut IF I
make a
| cut out in the hood pad. I know, I know, the engine moves a bit when it's
| running. If I see any signs of rubbing, I'll CAREFULLY dimple the
inner hood
| shell for more clearance

Oh God. Does my time machine finally work? Is it Feb 8, 1998 again?

No, I will not explain. Just look it up in the archives.

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