'91 to '96 Profinish-Proglass hood

From: Jeff Durling (jdurling@bellsouth.net)
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 20:42:42 EDT

I am just putting a feeler out there for anyone who may know of, or may
have, or will have a Profinsh-Proglass hood for sale. I know Terry
doesn't sell them anymore and since Keystone took over the price has
really gone up. When I last checked about getting one three years ago
it was about $475 shipping and included the ram-air box. Now the best
price I can find is $569 and you can't even find the ram-air box for it

I don't care if it is used, actually would prefer it, as long as it is
in good shape. The paint can be all faded just want the fiberglass
itself to be good. If anyone has a dak with one, or knows of someone,
that is getting rid of the truck, then let me know and what the cost
may be. Not looking to low ball it just a ballpark price. Let me know.

Jeff Durling

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