New Trans Installed!

From: Gary Hedlin (
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 03:33:54 EDT

Well, most of you know I had been having some serious transmission trouble,
but now I'm back raising hell with my new (to me) transmission! I found a
slightly used one (17k miles on it) from a parts source My body guy uses,
and got her in Sunday! We changed the seals and checked everything over
before installing it. Took about 12 hours to do the swap on the floor,
since all we had were hand tools. But now everything is running great!

Although I miss not having a shift kit, I will be taking the old trans to
have rebuilt to accommodate all the power that the Powerdyne BD-11a I am
fabbing up! :)

So thanks everyone who put their two cents in on the install questions I
had. I really appreciate it!

Gary Hedlin

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