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Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 14:37:37 EDT

Another option would be to check around and see if there is a car club that
owns a building. One of the clubs in my area owns an old car dealership
building. It is fully equiped with lifts, welding equipment, paint booth and
most of the other equipment that's to expensive to justify owning for your
self. Club members get to use the facility and for an addtional fee there is in
door long term storage.

This club anyway, has limits on who and when it can be used. If I recall junior
members do not get a key and can only use the facilities when a senior member
is there. You have to replace consumables you use, not just pay for them, saves
someone always running out to purchase stuff.

Dave Clement
99 SLT+ CC 4x4

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("Josh Battles") writes:
> Thanks Jason, Barry cleared it up for me. I think it was the lack of
> caffeine/sleep that did me in. I wasn't fully awake yet.
> Also, I already have a storage box with a car in it... it had slipped my
> mind since I haven't been out there in about a year now. I just pay the
> bill for 6 months at a time and write a check when the new one comes.
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> - Josh
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> > Josh Battles said:
> > >
> > > Nope. All our extra storage is in building. The attic is huge and each
> > > unit has a 4x8 storage locker there. No garages, sorry.
> >
> > I don't think he's talking about your condo or the immediate area. Check
> > the yellow pages under "storage" to see what's available in the city.
> > There must be something, usually they're intended for people to put their
> > stuff in while they're moving. Probably U-Haul will operate a couple,
> > they're usually the most expensive. Whether or not they'll let you use
> > those storage units for working on vehicles is another question.
> >
> > Back when I was tagging along behind the Central Ontario 4x4 Club, I got
> > to go over to what they call "The Unit" (yeah, that's really what they
> > call it). It's an industrial warehouse / storage unit of some kind that
> > they converted to use as a garage, just like Barry's idea. I'm not sure
> > how you'd find one, as I've never seen anything like that listed under
> > storage (at least not around here). Maybe commercial real estate for rent
> > or something.
> >
> > I've seen small car stereo & alarm shops, Rhino Linings dealers and other
> > small auto accessory dealers located in these kinds of places. There's
> > usually a whole row of different businesses all next to each other in one
> > building (like a strip mall, but more industrial). You walk through the
> > front door to a tiny business office, then you have to drive your car
> > around the back and find the big garage door for the particular business
> > you're interested in. Not a very good description, but I'm not sure what
> > the exact terminology is for this type of building.
> >
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