Re: Tranny Fluid Flush?

Date: Sun Apr 25 2004 - 16:59:13 EDT

I have been doing it this way for years;
1. Drop the pan, change the filter and refill with 5qts (that's over of fluid.
2. Disconect the pressure line from the tranny. The gen three's there is is
flare fitting where the steel line transions to the rubber line right in the
center of the radiator under the plastic spalsh shield, I disconnect there.
3. Add a piece of rubber line to the steel line so you can route the fluid into
a bucket.
4. Start the engine and put it in neutral (pump does not circulate fluid in
5. Pump out 4qts of old fluid. Stop engine and refill with another 4qts.
6. Repeat 4 & 5
7. Reconnect lines and refill tranny to the proper mark.

This routine basically takes fresh fluid from the pan and pushes the old fluid
from the valve body and torque convertor out into to your pan. This is
basically how tranny shops do it they just have a machine to pump fresh fluid
back to the traany from the other side of the disconnected line. When these
palces do it they typically do not change the filter.

Dave Clement
99 SLT+ CC 4x4

In article <>, (Terrible Tom)
> Ok I'm sure this has been squabbled over before heh
> Day off work today - gonna go do the trans fluid change now... I would
> really like to get all that old trans fluid out. Any way I can flush
> the trans out myself? With the engine running the TQ converter is
> spinning - Now - if I were to disconnect the tranny cooler fluid line
> and let the trans pump the remainder of the fluid out (after draining
> the pan) - would I risk roasting my trans?
> How do shops do trans fluid flushes anyway?

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