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From: Terrible Tom (
Date: Mon Apr 26 2004 - 11:42:36 EDT

Travis Bailey wrote:
> Tip to those who complain of crappy milage (such as myself): slow the
> f$%@ down!! I drove from home back to school and convinced myself to go
> 65 rather than my usual 75. I got passed a lot more and the trip took a
> little longer but I pulled darn near 19 MPG. Usually I consider 16
> average and 17 good, with 17.7 being the previous record in the 7000
> miles I've put on since late December '03. Did not think 10 MPH would
> make such a huge difference, but I guess it does! Wish the sweet spot
> was a little higher than that, but I'm happy, thats all I can say, lol.
> I guess I *wasn't* crazy when I thought it seemed like it barely used
> gas when going 55 between smaller towns when I'm at home..shoulda tried
> this sooner!
> Travis
> '92 Dak 5.2 4x4

hahahahah!! Like Sammy said "I can't drive 55!"

I seem to get 13 MPG no matter how I drive. I do mostly in-town driving
- and I am a lead foot, I admit - even more so since I got this Ram.
Having a 360 with 4.10s doesn't exactly help. I'm turning about
2300-2400 RPM at around 75 or so give or take a few notches. Mud tires
don't offer very good results in the rolling resistance department
either. :(

Next road trip I'll give it a try - I'll run the posted limits and see
what happens to the gas bill.

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