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Date: Tue Apr 27 2004 - 19:51:32 EDT

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On 4/27/2004 12:02 PM, Zachary Burcham wrote:

| What has he got on that 5.9L? I have NEVER heard of a 5.9L getting
| remotely close to 20 mpg. I thought they got consistant 12-15 figures,
| even in the durango. I have a buddy with a 3/4 ton ram and he's
| averaging 9.5 mpg. I get 22-25 mpg with my 3.9L dak auto, 2WD with A/T
| tires and over 160K on the odo at 70 mph. I'm not calling anyone a
| liar, I've just never heard of a 5.9L getting even close to mid 20s in
| mpg. One buddy got better gas mileage AFTER doing a 408 with 4.56 rear
| end. And he only gets 18 mpg.

There's at least on R/T around these parts that gets 20 on the highway.
~ A light foot and some ground effects/lowering kit will do wonders.

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