Re: "Found" 3 MPG

From: Zachary Burcham (
Date: Tue Apr 27 2004 - 11:56:09 EDT

What has he got on that 5.9L? I have NEVER heard of a 5.9L getting remotely
close to 20 mpg. I thought they got consistant 12-15 figures, even in the
durango. I have a buddy with a 3/4 ton ram and he's averaging 9.5 mpg. I
get 22-25 mpg with my 3.9L dak auto, 2WD with A/T tires and over 160K on the
odo at 70 mph. I'm not calling anyone a liar, I've just never heard of a
5.9L getting even close to mid 20s in mpg. One buddy got better gas mileage
AFTER doing a 408 with 4.56 rear end. And he only gets 18 mpg.

1992 CC A/T 3.9L 2WD
Mopar Powered and Harley Inspired

>From: James <>
>Subject: Re: DML: "Found" 3 MPG
>Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 07:04:38 -0400

>I never get my Dak up above 60/65 mph because I have a trashed rear end,
>and I'm still getting crappy milage, I can't slow down too much more! *lol*
>But it's mostly because I have a 3.9L that I have the fuel mileage I do
>(15-17mpg). I'd be happy to get that kind of mileage if I had a 5.2L or
>5.9L. I have a friend with a late-model Ram club cab with a 5.9L and he
>gets mid 20's out on the highway it's embarassing.
>If any one is looking to buy a Dakota, AVOID THE 3.9L at all costs! Spend
>the extra money and get a V-8. When I worked at a DC dealer almost every
>3.9L Dak owner complained about the mileage they were getting.
>A V-8 will be coming soon for my Dak!

>91 Dak CC 3.9L

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