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From: Jayson Woodruff (
Date: Tue Apr 27 2004 - 22:31:18 EDT

Racing rules force me to keep the stock A-arms. I want a stiffer spring
rate in front in addition to lowering, so cutting the hotchkis springs
isn't going to do the job.

I'm happy with the leafs and can raise and lower them with parts I have.
  I know your against it, but I use 1/8" aluminum strips I cut myself as
lowering plates right now. It may sound petty to most, but saving 20lbs
of unsprung weight is important to me. I'll look into the shackles for
the extra lowering I want. But either way, I have to adjust the
differential angle, no? Is is just a matter of making a shim plate to
put in the lowering plate stack?

I have the hotchkis custom valved shocks right now. Either they're
wearing out (90K miles) or they're just not made for my application.
I'll talk to Bilstien, maybe they can revalve them stiffer. I really
should get adjustables though.

Jay W
505/287 Dakota

Tony Cellana wrote:
> Western Chassis has 2" lowering A-Arms. Or you can cut the front coils a
> bit at a time until you are happy with the drop.
> Out back, you can add a block on top of the axle for additional drop. Go
> with STEEL ones!!! The cheaper aluminum ones are more prone to cracking.
> On the shocks, get the revalved Bilsteins through Hotchkis. Well worth the
> additional money.
> My 3/4 dropped 00 RC R/T uses Western Chassis lowered a-arms and springs,
> and relocated spring mounts out back. Hotchkis tuned Bils on all 4 corners.
> For a pic:
> TonyC
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> Date: Tuesday, April 27, 2004 3:09 PM
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>>So I'm ready to get lower.
>>I've got the Hotchkis "V8" springs in front, modified hotchkis rear leafs
> and the bilstien shocks all around. Hotchkis told me the front springs are
> 800lbs/in, I think I want to go to some 1000lb/in springs and get 2in lower.
> The rear leafs were too soft, but I flipped the bottom leaf so it curved up
> and added spring rate. This rate works well but I need to get lower, a lot
> lower. The front shocks are too soft now, and will be way too soft for
> stiffer springs. Rear shocks feel pretty good.
>>Anyone know of 1000lb, 4" lowering springs?
>>What shocks to use with these? Or can I revalve the Bilstiens?
>>Can I make my own shims to correct the rear pinion angle?
>>Jay W
>>505/287 Dakota

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