OT - Neon codes

From: Don (y2kota@y2kota.us)
Date: Wed Apr 28 2004 - 09:59:01 EDT

I had to rewire the plug to the A/C compressor on my sons Neon. Now I
just need to remove the check engine light and the battery light. How
can I clear the lights? I had the battery disconnected for about 45
min. and there still on.

Also pulled the following 2 codes. Can someone who speaks "neon"
translate these for me...
P 1684
P 1193

Its a basic 2000 with A/C and a slush box.

Don Mallett
Y2K QC 4.7L Auto SLT+ 4x2
*-----I'm not late! It's that the rest of the world is early!!-----*

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