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From: Tony Cellana (
Date: Wed Apr 28 2004 - 13:03:47 EDT

I was assuming a non-progressive coil.

I understand Hotchkis NOT recommending the spring be cut (think lawsuit,
etc.). But a ton of the R/T guys and those on the Delphi board have done
just that with excellent results. Of course YMMV. And as Bernd said,
taking a little off at a time is better than too much and having to buy a
new set, IF you decide to go this route.


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>And then there's spring diameter, how many coils, if they're a progressive
>or standard rate coil...
>Wouldn't cut the springs. I talked to Jon Hotchkis on my setup and they do
>not recommend cutting them. If you do...go 1/4 coil at a time.
>- Bernd
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>> > I didn't realize you were doing some sort of class racing. Cutting
>> > does NOT change their rate. There is just less of the spring available
>> > travel.
>> Absoultly wrong there. Cutting a spring increases the spring rate
>> proportion to the amount of coil removed. A coil spring is nothing more
>than a
>> curled up torsion bar. That is, as the coil is compressed the wire in the
>> is twisting (torsion), the longer the wire in the spring (i.e., the more
>> the more it will twist for a given load (lower spring rate), shorten the
>> (i.e., remove a coil) and it twists less for a given load (increased
>> rate).
>> Dave Clement
>> 99 SLT+ CC 4x4

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