Re: Re: RE: Valve cover vent

From: Bernd Ratsch (
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 18:41:52 EDT

It does. ;)

- Bernd

>Subject: Re: DML: Re: RE: Valve cover vent
>Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 19:42:03 +0000 (UTC)
> > We don't look at that John. :)
> >
> > - Bernd
> > (State Inspector)
>Seriously? I thought the inspection included a full visual once over of all
>emmisions equipment?
>This really makes me want to go back to the parts store I was in last night
>were the old fart tried to argue with me about how I needed to take the air
>back to where I got it because it was an illegal piece that was never
>for my truck and wouldn't pass inspection unless I plumped the hose back
>it's stock location AND (y'all will love this) used a hose clamp to hold
>hose on to the fitting EVEN THOUGH! the truck was shipped from Dodge
>without a
>hose clamp. God I hate people like him in auto parts stores. Don't get me
>wrong, I know there are good ones out there, but they are far and few
>and the monkey I talked to last night was NOT one of them.
>OK, done venting :)

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