Re: DML:Rear brake conversion

Date: Fri Apr 30 2004 - 15:28:43 EDT

"Ronald Taylor" <> wrote:

: Personally, I feel that a rear disc brake system is much better than the old
: style drum brake system.

: my 68' Charger had drum brakes all around till I built the thing to the
: point that the drum brakes wouldn't come close to hauling it down to a stop
: from speed or just trying to stop it for a stoplight from 25 mph.

: That's why I upgraded the front to a disc brake set-up I scavenged from a
: A-body Duster, and used a pair of 79' Magnum calipers and master
: was just as cheap to do this as it was to try and upgrade
: the drum brakes with better shoes and drums.

: And it stopped better afterward, without my having to change underwear every
: time I drove it!

: MARKETING PLOY: REAR DISC BRAKES ?..........I don't think so!


: That's why my 01' Dakota will be getting the Factory Rear Disc brake system
: later on this year or next winter...........Goodbye 9" drum
: brakes!........Hello 11" discs !

   Perhaps I missed something (it has happened before) ;-) so if
I did, I apologize in advance, but I'm trying to figure out how
replacing the front brakes on a '68 Charger equates to rear disc
brakes being a safety enhancement instead of a marketing ploy? :-)
Or maybe that was just an auxiliary story, not meant to apply to
the question at hand?


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