Re: Speaking of hubs and bearings

From: Jason Bleazard (
Date: Fri Dec 08 2006 - 05:28:30 EST

Michael Maskalans wrote:
> once everything is unbolted it can take 3 hours to get that damn hub
> out of the knuckle if it's anything similar to the D30 unit hub design
> used in the TJs (which I think it is pretty much identical to the
> Dakota's - in which case each bearing is held on by 3 bolts, not 4)
> I would not be surprised if book hours are 4-5 hours each plus alignment.

The quote included "3 hours labour" (which is how they spell it up
here). Google says $1050 Cdn is about $918 US. I looked up the part
number they listed on the quote for the hub, and found the Mopar parts
online as low as $215 US, which I'm sure is considerably less than what
they'd charge me at the dealership. Sales tax is 14%. The quote I got
didn't detail any additional parts, like nuts, washers, or grease, but
I'm sure they'll charge for all of that as well. And recycling fees, if
any. It all adds up, but yeah, it still seems pretty steep.

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