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Date: Mon Dec 11 2006 - 21:46:30 EST wrote:
> wrote:
> : Woodbridge is about an hour south of me. However, it will be some time before
> : I can get down that way. We just closed on a house on Friday and I have a lot
> : work to do before we can move in. Between that and work, I'm completely buried
> : with things to do until after the first of the year.
> I guess that means you didn't get the place you have been
> living in; sorry to hear that. :-( Good luck with the move,
> and don't forget which box you put the National Meet video
> footage in! ;-)

speakin' of national meet footage - any chance I can get the tapes back
before Christmas Walt? I've got family coming in and I was thinking I
could show it to them. I've never even seen the footage myself :-P

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