Re: which speed sensor? Stores have 4wd/man or 2wd/Auto I have 2wd man

From: Ray Irons (
Date: Sun Dec 17 2006 - 19:46:52 EST

--- Eric Hufstedler <> wrote:

> So, i went to kragen, autozone, napa, rock auto.
> They all show 2wd/Auto trans and 4wd/Manual as
> separate part
> numbers, but don't list 2wd/Manual.
> Thanks,
> Eric

I'm sure Tom will chime in on this soon, but I got
here first! I used to work for AZ as a PSM/Assistant
Store Manager. When I moved west, the closest AZ is 85
miles away, so I don't work anymore, at least for now.
Ain't retired life grand?

Anyway I digress. I went to AZ website and put in the
data for my truck. 98 Dak, V6, 5spd, 2wd. The website
comes back with part number SU1034. That's a Wells
part number but it also says that the part can be
tested using test chart SU17 in the Wells test manual.
I don't know off hand if that's a test using a special
test unit that AZ has for testing components or if all
you need is a multi-meter.



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