Re: Need help with old 1989 DAK

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Date: Wed Nov 07 2007 - 20:30:07 EST

The nearest U-pullit should have them.
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> Old!? She's 18 years young! Just maturing and In her prime!
> I'm not sure exactly what part he's talking about (I'll take a look at
> my truck later) but can it be fabricated? Do you have (or can you get)
> a picture of the part? How sure is your mechanic that Dodge doesn't
> have them anymore? I have the parts catalog for the 89... if you can
> get a picture or describe it better, I can see what the catalog has
> for it (maybe a part number if it's not buried in an assembly). With a
> part number or two you could check with some dealers yourself.
> Another option is to grab the part or even the whole wiper assembly
> from a junkyard. I'd think you could get the assembly for less than
> $50.
> Don't dump the truck for a measely wiper problem (my opinion).
> Don in CT
> 89 DakVert 318 NV3500
> 74 Dart Sport 340
> On 11/7/07, <> wrote:
>> I have an 1989 Dak I'm trying to keep going. My wipers stopped working
>> and I
>> tried fixin it myself only to realize it was more than I could chew. I
>> took it
>> to a mechanic I trust who said the wiper motor is fine but the retaining
>> clip,
>> which he describes as a white plastic round thing was busted and he said
>> they
>> don't make them anymore and Dodge doesn't stock them anymore. Anyone
>> here know
>> where I can get this part? If I can't find one I'll have to get rid of
>> the
>> truck and I sure wouldn't want to do that over such a little thing. Id
>> like to
>> keep her going as long as I can.

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