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From: Bernd D. Ratsch (
Date: Thu Dec 27 2007 - 07:27:21 EST

Take a look under the dash and make sure the actuator is moving when you
change the temp (passenger side from what I remember - been a while on the
'97 models) - engine running though as it's vacuum operated. The other
possibility is a plugged heater core - which you can check once the engine
is up to normal temp. The inlet and outlet hoses should be about the same
temperature. If they're more than 12-15 degrees from each other, it's

- Bernd

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 My 97 sport (no air) seems to be leaking cold air into the heater system,
if I turn OFF the heat control and fan, I still get cold air blowing out
when I drive.

My heat sux big time even when the engine is up to temp. 195 therm. If it's
cold it takes forever to even clear my windows!

I'm thinking the vent air is sticking open, though opening & closing the
heat from hot to cold alot hasn't helped so far.

Any pointers?

Thanks and hope everyone had a great christmas & a fantastic new years!


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