Re: Cranks, No Start

From: Michael Maskalans (
Date: Wed Sep 09 2009 - 01:34:23 EDT

On Sep 7, 2009, at 5:29 PM, Walter Felix wrote:

> after putting everything away, started to
> head out to take care of some errands. I get as far as the bottom
> of my
> driveway and the brake pedal suddenly dropped to the floor. Great,
> Now
> what? Look under the truck and find brake fluid pouring out the
> center,
> just behind the oil pan.

I have no ideas on your no start. I'd check to see if the PCM is
energizing the ASD. that ought to tell you if it's a CPS/CKS or a coil?

I just thought I'd tell a short story related to your original problem:

I traded my Jetta for a 97 CTD on Monday. trade has been in the works
for about 3 weeks and he's had my Jetta for the last 2. Fellow
wheeler down in PA. Would have done the trade 2 weeks ago but a
couple days before it had oil in the coolant: blown head gasket.
ended up with a new head due to 4 cracks in valve seats. I helped him
button up the new head this past Sunday into Monday morning. I
wheeled Monday and towed home with it. Drags like a dream.

tonight on my way to dinner out, it popped the front crossover line at
the left front soft line tee. I still had the Dakota behind me since
I'm lazy (and don't drive to work....) and was going to scale out
after dinner. grabbing all trailer brakes still left me about 2-3"
too far forward and I tapped an '07 CR-V. Only damage was the gate.
FML moment: in the ~28 hours I've had possession I've not visited the
DMV nor called my insurer. Still on the PO's plates. Hope this goes
smoothly. grrrrr

'98 Dakota rock crawler - wrinkled red
'97 3500 DRW CTD 5sp CC LWB 4x4 toter - rusty white

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