Re: valve cover info in 2000 FSM

From: Bill Pitz (
Date: Thu Dec 03 2009 - 18:25:56 EST

Ray Block wrote:
>> As I recall they are a composite plastic piece, <snip>
>> Mike
> Depends upon the year. The ones on my 2000 4.7 are magnesium (and have
> never leaked). Don't remember exactly what year Dodge cheaped out for the
> plastic ones. Black = plastic (ok, composite, if you
> will).....silver=magnesium. :)

Yep, mine is a 2000 and they are not black plastic. I would have
probably opted for brake cleaner as well, but the warning in the FSM
about not using any harsh cleaners made me a bit uneasy about it. I
guess I'll try to stick with as mild as possible unless it's really
nasty under there.

They both are leaking, although the passenger side is minimal compared
to the driver side. The actual volume of the leak appears to be pretty
small since I haven't lost a detectable amount of oil yet.

Anyway, I ordered the gaskets so we'll see how it goes.


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